Friday, July 13, 2012

Studio Shoot at SOPHA part 2

This is the next part of the class I took at SOPHA in Manchester, NH at the beginning of May.  The class was on studio lighting.  We also had 3 great models to photograph during the class.  This part I have the photos of woman known to the modeling world as know as Scarecrow.  She is a very talented model and and very experienced.  You can find here on Model Mayhem #384904 and on Facebook:
Also check out the SOPHA site:

This was my first time working with her and  right away you can see she loves having her picture taken.  

As a model, this girl knows how to look at the camera, just to add a little drama.

In this photo, I thought it would make a good B & W.  The way she looks and holds her hands adds a dark edge to the picture.

I liked here in this photo.  The problem is that she looks great in numerous styles of the same photo.  I could not decide which one I liked best.

This one was a challenge, for there were quit a bit of objects in the background.  I took the shot from a different angle than the one originally set up.   I used Photoshop to black out half the picture.

I love the drama is this photo.  When you enlarge the photo, her face stands out.  I tend to focus on how the light captures the light brown color in her eye.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Studio Shoot at SOPHA part 1

I took a class at SOPHA in Manchester, NH at the beginning of May.  The class was on studio lighting.  We also had 3 great models to photograph during the class.  This first part I have the photos of Jessica Akara.  She is a very talented model and after working with her, you are surprised she doesn't model for a magazine like GQ.

3 lights were used in this shoot.  This way both the background and Jessica was was full of light.  A stronger light to right was used to create the shadow to the left.

This shows the drama of using a powerful point of light.  The light is directed not at her, but the wall next to her with a black background.

Here we have 2 edge lights with grids on either side of Jessica to create a show line right down the middle of her face.

For some reason, I have found models don't like to smile too much.  In this case, Jessica has a great smile and very nice teeth.  

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back to Ariel

I found myself getting creatively aspired by this nice weather we have been having. I went back to some of my old photos and saw what I could do with them. There are so many great shots of Ariel. With a few creative touches, things come out looking even better. With this photo I adjusted the prime colors a bit and added a hue tint to the overall photo.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snowy Halloween

It was the Saturday night before Halloween. My friends an I were playing a Japanese card game similar the the card game Dominion. About 8pm the power went out. We finished the game via light from our cell phones. I went home and the next morning the power was still out. So I decided to take my camera outside and see what I could find for good pictures. I was hoping to find a lot of Halloween decorations partially covered with snow. I was wrong most if it was covered in the snow. Thus, I took the pictures of what little was showing.

The snowfall was the wet heavy kind and lucky for this guy, there wasn't much of any snow drift. This one was tired to a post. This wasn't easy to take a picture of it. The post was out in the open and the morning sun was in the way. Even with the lens hood, it seemed like most of my pictures had lens flare in them. This one came out the best.

Another one with lens flare issues. In addition there was the problem with all the reflective metal on the bike.

This person made the mistake of not putting his bike away before the snow. That was bad, but what was worse, the condo snow blower left its load of snow on the back end of the bike. Not much of the bike was above the snow.

This is one of those shots I wish I had a camera with better weather sealing. My Nikon D60 wasn't made to roll in the snow. The only way I got this shot was to lie down in the snow.